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If I could go back in time and never meet him, I would. If I could change everything about us, I would.
My biggest regret is meeting him. I have done a lot of bad things but if I could change one, it would be falling in love with him. 
I have never hurt so much. No amount of abuse I have gone through growing up from my parents, no amount of unhappiness that comes with suffering from a mental disorder (eating disorder), no amount of loneliness i have felt in my life, the fact I can never make a friend for long or ever be in a relationship, hurts as much as loving him does. 
I am madly in love with a man who is madly in love with me, but he never visits. 
I have met my soulmate, who lives too far away and will never meet me. 

I am doomed to settle into a painful long distance relationship where I crave to facetime with him and he hardly does that anymore... or I am doomed to settle with some other man who will never be as good as the one I have.

Tonight I lose my man to the club, the ladies of a sexy town, the intoxication of whiskey... Tonight I sleep, drowned it 24 hours of tears and pain weakened body, next to my psychology textbook (which only reminds me more of how crazy I am). 
Tonight, I hope I sleep and never wake up. Because I have felt so much pain in my life, everyday is a battle. I have scars and bruises from beatings... I can take this all, but I can't take the pain from the man I love. 

I simply cannot go on. 

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